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Lanarkshire Business Group helps local community!

Lanarkshire Business Group is proud to support our local community and every year we’re looking for worthy causes that we can donate to.

This year we picked the Crucial Crew. Devised and operated by the council’s Home Safety Team – involves the youngsters working their way around a series of sets, learning first-hand how to deal with fire, how to prevent slips, trips and falls at home, safety near building sites and how to spot counterfeit goods when they see them.

They are also taught about the dangers of internet chat rooms and what to do if they are made to feel uncomfortable by anything that is said to them online.

Cyber bullying via mobile phones – and ways of coping with it – are also discussed.

This focus on equipping young people for the challenges they face growing up is what appealed to Business Group member, electrician David McKay. His daughter is a primary school teacher and told him first hand of the genuine benefits experienced by pupils who attend Crucial Crew.

Business Group Chairman, Steven Wright, said the members were more than happy to give their annual sponsorship of local events or charities to Crucial Crew this year.

Mr Wright said: “When David brought the event to the group’s attention, everyone was hugely impressed with Crucial Crew and the work that goes into it.

“It didn’t take much discussion for us all to agree that the benefits offered to children both in terms of safety, and increasing their knowledge of the world around them, was entirely worthy of our backing.”

Tens of thousands of young people have taken part in the Crucial Crew event over the last 20 years – a whole generation in fact.

Councillor Hamish Stewart Chair of Community Services, said: “We hope all the children who have taken part have now taken the lessons learned well into their adult lives and may even be passing them on to their own children now.

“Whilst the lessons they learn on the day are vital, the handbook they take away with them – which summarises every topic covered in a concise and child-friendly way – is a reference tool that we hope they keep going back to in the years to come.

“The generous £500 donation from the Lanarkshire Business Group is very much appreciated by all involved with Crucial Crew as it will allow us to continue to spread that message to yet another group of young people.”

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